Posted by: watchman | January 3, 2009

Here to Hear

I am privileged know a lot of pastors. For the most part, pastors are great people. They care about people and are doing their jobs in an effort to make their community and their world a better place. Good people.

So, it is astounding to me that so many pastors are harmed everyday by the very people they are trying to serve. I have heard terrible stories about pastors being abused, fired, and betrayed. I have heard stories of pastors being manipulated, screamed at, and even threatened. I have heard about pastors who returned from sabbatical to a church asking them to leave. I have heard about a pastor whose membership had a meeting and then walked across the street and asked his family to vacate the parsonage.

We’re not here to complain. We’re not here to fix the problems. We’re here to hear. We’re here to listen to the stories of good people who have been treated in bad ways by institutions that stand for love and community. We’re here for conversation, for resourcing, and to help.

I hope you join us.


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