Posted by: watchman | January 19, 2009

Church is Great for Lies


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Hoarse He and his wife were on one couch, and I was on the other. They talked while I listened. After 5 hours of telling a story that they had never told before, he was hoarse. I was shocked that he had never talked to anyone about what had happened to him.

“Nobody wanted to hear it”

And no wonder. It was a hard story to tell about a lot of awful things that the church had done to him and his family. His wife could not even stay for the entire converstion.

“I don’t even want the residue on me,” she said, leaving the room.

He found something out that I found out a while ago. The Church is great for lies. Instead of facing the difficult realities, we choose to pay more attention to the lies that we tell ourselves. we enjoy the fantasy that actions don’t have consequences.

The truth hurts and it makes our ears ring and we would rather not hear it at all.

Hope I hope this project can be an opportunity for people harmed to explore the truth. I hope this project can give the church a valuable wake up call for what it is doing to people – real people.

We need to get past our fantasies and delusions and face the truth. For most of us, facing the truth requires a long story. I’ll sit on my couch and I will listen and accept all the truth you are willing to give.



  1. I can agree with you whole heartedly that people in the church have a tendancy to not be honest with themselves and others because they believe that the end result is to look right, rather than be right…however, to say that it is the church that causes the problem might be painting the canvas with too broad of a brush.

    One of the reasons that traditional Fundamentalism(Hyle-esque) drives me crazy is that appearances are so important. However, no church worth its salt and light would perpetuate a facade that says you need to look right over being right. The foundation of Christianity and the the Gospel is based on forgiveness and surrender. Although bringing hurts to the surface are never easy for anyone, it should be a part of the process for a Believer and proclaimed loudly and often from our pulpits, especially if the church itself has done the hurts.

  2. rodmaster,

    First I just want to thank you for showing up in this blog. I was pretty stoked when I saw your response. Keep it coming if you have more you want to share. As for your content, I can’t speak for what watchman meant when he wrote what he did, but the thought that came to my mind was that we (watchman, I, ministers, counselors, and others) are beginning to sniff out some significant patterns. Coming from my perspective, I don’t think that the “global church”, “American church”, “institutional church” or even all the people who call themselves “the church,” are entirely to blame for anything. We’re all participants and receivers as image bearing human beings who have been stained by our own sin as well as other’s. But what I have found in my experience, as well as hearing from others, is that the systematic institutional church particularly CAN be a breading ground for abuse. Whenever people invest the bulk of their energy into protecting the lies and liers in any systme, abuse runs rampant. That’s what I think of when I consider the “church being great for lies.” And I believe that healing is contingent on rooting out, naming and addressing the lies before we can go much further.

    I’m going to post something on lying soon myself, and wanted to let you know that it’s not in response to your comment. It’s something that’s been brewing for a long time. We’d love to hear more of your thoughts.


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