Posted by: Botolff | January 19, 2009

Subscription and business cards…

Corey and I got to talking tonight and we’re going to try and set up a subscription to the blog.  Correction…Corey is going to try and set up a subscription to the blog, cause I’ve got no skills there.  No pressure man.  So, if you’ve walked by our on-line tent yet, and you’re interested in what’s up for display, you’ll be able to have it delivered right to your virtual doorstep.  Stay tuned to for more details.

And…anyone want a couple business cards?  We’ve got about a 1,000 business cards on their way with our blog and contact info on them.  I just couldn’t pass up doubling our numbers for an extra $7.95.  Go VistaPrint!  Corey and his wife might even get a free 10 issue subscription to a magazine they don’t want, just because I accidentally forgot to click the “no thanks” button on the ordering screen before I confirmed.  So, if anyone’s interested in having something they can hand to people they know to direct them to the site, just drop me a line to, and I’ll put a few in the mail to you.  Or, if you’d like a couple free issues of “Elle,” contact Corey.  He might be able to hook you up!



  1. I get “Elle”?

    Hooray for fashion!

  2. I have added the subscriber widget on the right.

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