Posted by: watchman | January 20, 2009

More Voices

I hope that this becomes a great spot for people to interact and find solid information on a difficult subject. However, we should point out that other people are blogging about this. Anne Jackson, for example, has a fine blog. She mostly deals with pastor burnout and staff issues, but does occassionally touch on terminations (click here for a good discussion)

Few more links:

  • here is a good article.
  • here is another article, that is not very helpful, but well written (don’t subscribe for the full thing; not worth it)
  • here is a post on SBC terminations
  • here is a post on experience and how a church should evaluate hiring new staff
  • here is some advice from a spouse

I hope that saves you some googling.

I was actually dissappointed (but not surprised) by the amount of writing out there on the topic. There seems to be endless things written on burnout, but very littel on unhealthy terminations and forced resignations. Why do you think that is? Do you know of any good sites for information/stories?


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