Posted by: Botolff | January 22, 2009

Moved to America to pastor a church

I just talked with a Pastor today, I’ll call him George, who was pastoring in a foreign country, and then was hired by a church here in the U.S. to come in and lead their congregation.  However, apparently the previous sr. pastor of the church wasn’t ready to let his position go.  

He not only stayed in the church (which should be fine if he’s supportive), but continued to secretly run things by meeting with individual deacons behind George’s back, and contradicting George’s leadership decisions.  Needless to say, as a result, conflict ensued.  After George confronted the previous pastor on some of the inappropriate interactions he had heard about, the pastor began to create and spread erroneous stories about George…and his family.  Through his lies the previous pastor was able to redirect his old leadership team’s loyalties back to himself; and after some group meetings behind George’s back, managed to convince the team that they needed to throw George out of the church. 

How long did all of that take?  10 months.  George moved his entire family to America from a foreign country, and in less than a year, a group of leaders in a church had created such an intricate web of lies about him and his family, that George’s family not only lost their ministry and new support community, but came incredibly close to packing their bags and going back to their mother land to stay.  George told me that he has never experienced as much pain as he did from that situation.

Would you believe that some of the church members found out about the lies and a war broke out in the congregation?  Guess who the leadership called to come in and settle the people down?  Yeah…George.  He did go back, and he told the people to handle their conflict civilly. 

Nothing like a group of people who create a mess by taking out a pastor’s legs; and then when people are horrified by the bloodshed, those “leaders” ask him to clean it up for them and take care of the congregation.  Been there and done that one; but the leaders of my church didn’t ask me to come back and take care of the people.  They just set me up and used me to quiet them down before the war broke out.  I feel for you George.  You are a gracious man.



  1. Wow. That was a messed up situation on a lot of fronts.

    The Church needs to learn a better way to respond to leadership.

  2. Yeah, and I forgot the part about the church leadership threatening to go to the government and get his work visa revoked if he didn’t leave quickly and quietly. Sound anything like the report we posted?

  3. Whoa…I just don’t get it. I wonder if churches in other countries have similar issues we’ve seen here… All I can think is that one day, God will take care of all of it… and I hope truly get justice for those who have been hurt so badly!

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