Posted by: watchman | January 28, 2009

The End is Near!

One of my favorite bloggers, iMonk, is predicting that the Evangelical church is nearing its final days. Not in any apocalyptic way, but it is slowly (or quickly) dying. Check out his post here.

How bout a teaser?

The party is almost over for evangelicals; a party that’s been going strong since the beginning of the “Protestant” 20th century. We are soon going to be living in a very secular and religiously antagonistic 21st century in a culture that will be between 25-30% non-religious.

With almost every denomination in decline, and few bright spots, it seems like he may be on to something. Read the rest of his post, then come on back to let me know what you think.

Specifically, what I am concerned about are these questions:

  1. Is the destructive phenomenon of clergy abuse a pre-cursor to this implosion?
  2. How much of this is caused by the Church’s typical resistance to change and adaptation?
  3. Should ministers be trying to float the boat or sink the ship? Should we be a part of the rescue effort, go down with the boat, or swim for something totally different?

What do you think?


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