Posted by: watchman | April 14, 2009

Implications of the Resurrection

Gene Edwards, in his book Exquisite Agony, wrote this:

Only a few hours before Jesus rose from the grave, men had been brutalizing Him. In that brutality of the cross Jesus had suffered the utter ends of pain.

Then He rose from the dead!

Here is the hallmark of the resurrection of our Lord: Having arisen from the grave, He never once referred to the events of His crucifixion. Not once. Not even one word.

Such is the hallmark of all true resurrections. The past is forever gone! Resurrection is beyond that which is dead. Resurrection means to arise from out of death into a new realm, a new time continuum where the past never happened. Resurrection is a demarcation. Everything before resurrection no longer exists. It never happened!! That is the essence of resurrection. Everything after resurrection is new and has no connection with the events of the past! After the resurrection, all things belong to a new creation.

The essence of crucifixion is that it is a portal to pass through to come into the fullness of resurrection. Just as surely as there can be no resurrection without crucifixion, there can be no true crucifixion without Gethsemane. Join your Lord in Gethsemane, join Him at Golgotha. Then can you join Him in resurrection!

Basically, Edwards seems to be saying that the art of Resurrection, and following Jesus, is embracing the crucifixion so much that it lives in that moment and does not rule all others. Wow. This was a huge challenge to me.


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