Posted by: watchman | April 14, 2009

Who Forgot the Pulpit?

C. Michael Patton is bemoaning the lack of pulpits these days (click here). To be fair, he is actually bemoaning the lack of pastoral authority and dedication to the authority of the word of God and he sees the pulpit shortage as a sign of that. Yeah, I know… it’s reaching.

However, there are some good issues for us to unpack here. Questions:

  • Should the pastor be more of a prophetic authority or more of a spiritual counselor?

There seems to be a movement away from the pastor as a parish theologian, toward the pastor being a spiritual mentor. More and more churches expect leaders to be less prophetic and more … well, pastoral. What do you think about his? Prophet or Counselor?

  • Does pastor have to equal preacher? How high on the priority list should preaching be for a pastor?

There was a time that pastor = preacher. The typical notion we have of a pastor is a guy who sits in his office preparing a sermon and then unleashes a flood of well prepared eloquence on Sunday Morning. Sermon at the wedding, sermon at the funeral, sermon at the revival, etc.

Is sermoneering pasotring, or is it just part of pastoring?


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