Posted by: watchman | April 15, 2009

Lying Liars and the Reasons They Lie

Botolff has mentioned a few times the frustrations that a lying, cowardly church caused him. This is an infection in the American Church. I am a part of this infection. At my current church, there are a few tough conversations I need to have, yet I avoid them like the plague. Confession: It has even come to the point of lying.

Why do I lie?

Psychology Today‘s website has an article about this (click here). Snippet:

Your lying comes from chronically recoiling from confrontation, no matter how minor. You might be imagining a frightful battle, or really hurt feelings, if you just tell the truth. Instead, lying creates the proverbial tangled web that clutters your life with half-remembered excuses.

When your fear of disappointing others reaches the critical point of self-abnegation and lying, it’s time to re-think and readjust. It’s nice to make others feel good, but not at the expense of one’s integrity, because it sets up a message to yourself that your feelings count less than the person to whom you are lying. That’s not good for either of you.

read the rest

Does this sound like many in church leadership to you? Thoughts?


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