Posted by: watchman | April 15, 2009

Who Is Gonna Land the Plane?

Did you see this amazing story?

A man who landed a plane with the assistance of air traffic controllers after the pilot fell unconscious and died said Monday he was “still in a daze of adrenaline.”

Doug White said he is certified to fly a single-engine plane, but had no idea how to fly the large turboprop.

“I’m grateful, thankful to be alive,” Doug White of Archibald, Louisiana, told CNN affiliate WINK. “I’m glad my family is safe, but let’s don’t lose sight of the fact that a man died, and I don’t want people to forget that.”

Ministers all over the nation are experiencing debilitating conflicts and injuries that could ruin their ability to minister. Often these pastors are rendered incapable of directing churches and if they do not leave, are an empty shell of their former selves. Often these churches then turn to lay leadership.

I am starting to wonder whether we should not have been looking to the laity the whole time. The wall that we have constructed between the pulpit and pew may be putting too many ministries in peril.

Still trying to sort through all this. What do you think?


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