Posted by: Botolff | April 21, 2009

Control Devices

I’m sifting my way through one of the best, and only, books I’ve found acknowledging and addressing the abuse that takes place in churches and corporations.  It’s called “Wounded Workers” and was written by Dr. Kirk E. Farnsworth. 

Wounded Workers

In his book, Dr. Farnsworth talks about control as the primary element driving the fear that leads to such devastating results.  He writes…

“I have come to the conclusion that control is the dynamic behind fear of repercussions and the resulting havoc in people’s lives.  Control is the driving force that keeps people from speaking up, for fear that something bad will happen if they do.  Control tells them the way things are going to be and insists that any other alternatives are wrong. 


Control doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  It needs effort- lots of it.  People who want to control others have to work at it.  And they do.  The tools they use are called control devices, that are set up to manipulate people and keep them in line.

Control is like a cancer: It grows until it is cut out or kills.  Control ultimately currupts the entire system.  In the end, we only want to serve those who are above us, control those who are below us and compete with those who are our peers.  Serve up.  Control down. Compete across.”

It seems like control was what Adam and Eve were wrestling with at the very beginning.  The serpent in essence told them God was bluffing and didn’t have their best interest in mind.  They should take control of their own lives and circumstances.  They attempted to…and we do too.  It created a mess back then…and it still creates a mess now. 

Remember, one of their first children killed his brother.  It didn’t take very long for murder, the ultimate control device, to make it into the human story.  We’ve been murdering each other ever since…if not physically then emotionally.

Thoughts on control?


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