Posted by: Botolff | April 23, 2009

Wanna play “Baby-Shaker”?

I came across an on-line news clip today on MSN that I thought was shocking.

Did you know that for a short period of time, you could download an iPhone game application called “Baby-ShakerBaby-Shaker?”  Sure enough.  When you turn the game on, the baby cries and then you have to shake the phone until red X’s show up over the baby’s eyes.  Apple just pulled it’s recently released “Baby-Shaker” game after outcries from child advocacy groups and angry parents.

Now we can even play the abuse game on our phones.  How saturated have we become with the tolerance of abuse?  And if we are so far down the road that games like this are even being created and released, how many more steps of abuse have we missed along the way?  And unfortunately, most churches aren’t any more aware of, or engaged in addressing abuse than our general society is.

Thank God the game got pulled right after it was released.  I think that might be an indication that there is still hope.  But who thought up the idea of creating this game to begin with, and how did it even make it into the Application Store for the time that it did?



  1. Wow. Fail.

    What were they thinking releasing that?

  2. Unbelievable

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