Posted by: watchman | April 25, 2009

Do You Know Church Leaders Like This?

You’ve heard pastors are kind of like the quarterbacks of the ministry? Well, I know some that are more like linebackers.



  1. If I were mean, I would say that the linebacker is clearly Baptist. But, I am not, so I won’t.

  2. I must be slightly more mean, because I’m going Southern Baptist.

    I think that there is an underlying message of truth here in this video that needs to come out. It is encased in some humor. I can’t help but laugh when I see these. Maybe that’s the football side of me coming out. And yes, there are some church leaders who tend to be on the abusive side of getting things done. Ultimately, I don’t think that route will get them where they want to go. Nor the congregation that is following them.

    BTW watchman, I’m a pastor and am so glad I ran across your blog. I have definitely felt the abuse from churches. It’s not easy for the pastor or his family to have to deal with it. Thanks for your blog. I’ll be back to check out more.

  3. Sweet! Thanks for swinging by! If Jamie and I can be a bit of encouragement and remind ministers that there are a lot of us who have been through the pastoral crucible, then Mission Accomplished.

    I was very encouraged by your words.

    Watch out for the linebackers.

  4. Stan,

    I echo Corey’s sentiments. It’s good to hear your voice. Let us know if there is anything we might be able to do to help bring some encouragement to battered pastors you come in contact with.

    Swing in any time. It would be great to hear more from you.


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