Posted by: watchman | April 29, 2009

Podcast #1

We are starting to look at podcasting. Last night we gave podcasting a trial run!

Check it Out: Podcast #1

Here are some links to check out while listening to the conversation:

Music Featured on the Podcast:

My mic is really terrible and I had to keep muting to cough! But, its a start! If you were able to hear some of the conversation, do you have thoughts on it?



  1. Hey, After hearing the first podcast am sitting here wondering is it I who will be the one brave enough to forge a path of change . I know for sure I can not go it alone and it seems each time I see hope of a new beginning that hope is desperately crushed. Just some thoughts .

  2. Thanks Kathy. It’s SO good to have you aboard. I often think of the challenges that now lie before you in ways they no longer lie before me. Hope is a dangerous dangerous emotion. It can so easily be turned to disappointment or even dispare. Know that if you choose to hope enough that it leads to people quietly chanting “crucify her,” that some of us have heard those voices before, and are ready to stand with you when they try to force you up the hill.

    Friday may be here…but Sunday’s a comin’!

  3. Thanks Botolff…Hope is not only an emotion for me… it is why I do what I do…Love people, Love my God. Although I have known dispair and deep disappointment , I will remember that I am not alone when it comes to being hung out to dry for speaking truth. May MY heart be in the right place when that time comes…..

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