Posted by: watchman | May 13, 2009

Kids in Church: Careful what you wish for

Image from Google Image Search

Image from Google Image Search

As a church planter with a congregation that is around 20 people right now, we do not have resources to really deal with kids. No Children’s Church, no Children’s workers… nothing. So, these poor kids are forced to sit with mom and dad through what is usually an incredibly boring experience.

I read this hilarius post the other day about kids in Church.

Somebody recently told me that Jesus loved children, and he wants shildren to go to church. I was tempted to ask whether he wanted to take care of them or not. The fact of the matter is, Jesus had no real difficulty ministering and teaching with children around. Why is it that the church does? Is the answer segregated services (one for kids, one for adults), or is the answer a vast change in how church is done?

What do you think?


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