Posted by: watchman | May 14, 2009

All in the Family

Pastor Kathy Escobar posted a wonderful piece on the Emergent Village blog titled “Why We Need Mothers & Fathers, Brothers & Sisters, Daughters & Sons” . In the piece, she looks at the necessity of being family to one another within the church.

Here is a snippet, (but you really ought to take a moment to read the whole thing):

messy, organic, intense, healing community was always the idea, the family of God growing up together & spreading the love we were learning to the world. let’s listen to what God is stirring up in us & be brave enough to be mothers & fathers & brothers & sisters & daughters & sons to each other

One of the best parts of the post was her observation that “sexual weirdness” can keep us from community. If we look at the opposite gender as a sibling, then we can get closer without the awkwardness.

What do you think? Is your church a family?


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