Posted by: Botolff | June 9, 2009

On the Ground in Kenya

Thanks for posting and letting people know what’s going on Corey.  I hope the little one is resting well, and so are you and your family.

I have limited communications from here in Kenya with my only access to the internet being an Internet Cafe that seems to function on something close to dial-up.  So it looks like pod-casting from across the ocean won’t be possible at this location.  I’ll let you know if something else works out.

I hope you, our readers, are well.  Although I don’t have time to write much today, I want to share something with you from Kenya.  I can tell you first hand that many of the communication issues and abuses that we face in many of our American churches are alive and well here too.  A few factors that I have noticed that I think are contributing to the issues here are these… 1) Human beings fear retaliation and rejection no matter where we live, so honest communication about difficult issues is hard to come by. 2) When one finally has power, we don’t like to give it up; and sometimes we spiritualize it so that we can use God to keep it.  3) Many of our British/American missionaries, maybe with very good intent originally, have directly passed on the  same dysfunctions as we have in the U.S. and England, and don’t know that there is a problem, or don’t want to or know how to undo it.  We have spread the diseases we have in our churches directly into this culture.  I wonder if anyone will be willing to invest the same amount of time and energy into the reparation process as we did in passing on the dysfunction.

Unlike on this computer, there is no undo button folks.  If we want to see change in America, or in Kenya, we must commit ourselves to the long arduous process of renewal.  If we don’t want to see change, we can keep on perpetuating the same things we have perpetuated since Adam and Eve.  Likely we will anyway on one level or another because sin is still alive in me and you, but we don’t have to allow that to be the standard.

More to come.

From Kenya…Bwana Asafiwe (Praise the Lord)!


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