Posted by: watchman | June 9, 2009

Podcast 6 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Podcast 6

In this weeks podcast, Botolff and Watchman describe times that necessitate removing a person from fellowship and discuss some guidelines for doing so. Whether you are dealing with leadership change, or church discipline, this is an important topic for people struggling with relational conflict.

Here are some links and resources to assist you in this process:

Please  be certain to explore the process prayerfully and with discernment. Whenever possible contact a professional.  If you are looking for a counselor that is familiar with the issues of church abuse, we both know people in our areas that can help.  Just e-mail us at or  Also, if you are in church leadership you may consider contacting your denomination, insurance company or legal counsel, depending on the situation.

If there is anyway we can help, give us an email.

CLICK HERE to browse previous podcasts.

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