Posted by: watchman | June 28, 2009

First Timothy 1: Little Less Gangsta

There is a great scene in the film Saved where Mandy Moore’s character throws a Bible at Jena Malone’s  character,Mary. Mary then turns and reminds her assailant that the Bible is not a weapon.See it here.

This seems to be the same thing that Paul is telling Timothy in chapter one of his letter.

We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. (v.8 TNIV)

As Pastor Skip in Saved mentioned, some Christian zealots need to be “a little less gangsta.” Unfortunately many Christians have a tendency to go all “gangsta” before trying anything else. They shoot first and ask questions later. Church folks routinely try to hold other people up to the standards of the law.

However, Paul reminds Timothy that the Law was made for the purpose of judgment. Therefore, if we use the Law to evaluate another person’s life, then we are casting aside the coequal status that we all have, and we are placing ourselves above another. But, Paul spent so much time and effort convincing people in the Church that Christianity was not the place of such legalism and judgment, but rather the place of relief from such things.

Let’s be a little less gangsta in our churches. Let’s be gracious in the standards we hold others to. Let’s remember that the Bible is not a weapon.


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