Posted by: Botolff | June 30, 2009

You Know You’re in Trouble When: Top Twelve Clues I was Being Framed- Clue #2

2)      In the mediation meeting, when I realized the pastor’s wife decided to lie about what was happening and try to manipulate the meeting, I mentioned that we should have the mediator write a report for the elders about what was being said.  The pastor’s wife’s response was, “There will be no report written, because I am not under the authority of the elders of that church.” (You know you’re in trouble when the pastor’s wife believes she’s not accountable to the leadership of “that” church…which is the one she attends, volunteers at, and her husband is the pastor of; even more so when she sets you up by locking down information so she can’t be held accountable.  Of course it would have been helpful to get to the truth if the elders would have asked one or two questions about what happened in that meeting.  I guess the point wasn’t to get to the truth.)


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