Posted by: watchman | July 2, 2009

First Timothy 1: Faith and Conscience

At the end of chapter one, Paul encourages Timothy to keep a good grip on faith and conscience, so he does not end up like Hymenaeus and Alexander who turned out to be a complete mess. Hymenaeus and Alexander lost their grip on faith and their conscience and were removed from fellowship.

Have you ever known a leader that played so fast and loose with the ministry that they did things that were completely outside the realm of faith? Have you ever known of a leader to completely divorce their ministry from their conscience and end up doing scandalous things in Jesus name?

I certainly have. I heard about a man who pilfered dying cancer victims to buy a new $20M jet. One pastor stole offerings, attacked a member with a baseball bat, and paid for the abortion of his illegitimate child. A California minister prays and teaches others to pray for God to kill President Obama. These are only a few among the charlatans, snake oil salesmen, con artists, child molesters, heretics, nutjobs, liars, manipulators, fornicators and outright demon-possessed heathen that ascend to pulpits every Sunday.

Here’s the point – leaders are capable of terrible wickedness when they lose their grip on their faith and their conscience. Such leaders need to be dealt with. Paul dealt with a few and communicates his hope to Timothy that such a terrible fate does not awake his young son in the faith.

This is a good reminder for all of us. Let’s get a grip.


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