Posted by: Botolff | July 4, 2009

Independence Day 2009

It has been just over a year since the church leadership I was working with manipulatively and deceptively threw me out of my youth pastor position.  A year ago July 3, 2008, I made a direct call for the elder’s personal and corporate repentance.  As with other attempts to call the elders to accountability, this call for repentance was ignored as well. 

I have worked diligently for a year not to openly expose the depth of the wicked process they put me/us through to their children, congregation and local community.  I wanted to give them time to decide if they were going to repent for their behavior.  Thus far they have chosen not to address anything that has happened.  As is inevitably the case with people who choose to sacrifice others in order to maintain control of their dysfunctional system, the lies have grown and the damage continues. 

Twice during the time that they were getting rid of me, the Chairman of the Elder board said, “We want to do this peacefully.”  Both times I told him “In order to do anything peacefully, we will have to do it honestly.”  The second time he said that to me, I told him, “When leadership in churches say that, what they usually mean is that they are going to get rid of someone, and they want the person they are getting rid of to be quiet about it.”  He had no response.  Later he and the pastor both separately threatened me not to speak up about what they were doing.  The elder’s threat I have in writing.   I will no longer volunteer to be a receptical for their shame and deceit. 

I want to end by noting that just like any leadership team of people, all are culpable, but not all are necessarily responsible for the same things.  Some may have been lied to by others.  None the less, ALL must be held to accountability.  And if that process is attempted, there are two possible outcomes…either they will begin to consider their shortcomings and repent for their sinful decisions, or they will lie about them more in order to create a better cover up.  I pray these people choose repentance…for everyone’s sake, especially the children who follow in their footsteps. 

Today is also my Independence Day.  I will no longer hold the shame of the abuse that Christian leaders perpetuated on me, and who have threatened me to keep holding it.  I am free!


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