Posted by: Botolff | July 7, 2009

You Know You’re In Trouble When: Top 12 Clues I was Being Framed- Clue #6 and #7

6)  When asked in the last meeting with the pastor why it was that he started the meeting in such a threatening manner with his harsh tone, his response was “Evaluations can be threatening.”  (First of all, he never answered the question; and second of all, up until that moment in time, I never knew I was being evaluated.  When your senior pastor can’t/won’t address how he’s addressing you, and then out of the blue tells you that you’re in some kind of hidden evaluation, you know you’re in trouble.)

7)  Again in that last meeting the pastor said, “If I have to protect this youth group, you and her will be collateral damage.” (Any time your lead pastor suddenly decides you’re a threat to the youth group you’ve given your life for, and then tells you that you will be collateral damage in the end, you’re in BIG trouble.  Collateral damage…is that like when your hammer breaks you throw it away?  I felt like just another tool in the drawer.)



  1. I don’t think people are ever collateral. People are people. I try to treat people as an end rather than a means. It seems more like the Jesus way. Sorry you were treated like a tool, Jamie.

  2. Thanks Corey. And thanks for the “CC” on the e-mail today.

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