Posted by: Botolff | July 8, 2009

I just got one of the best gifts.

Since I have opened my story up to the general public this past Saturday, I have received a few not very encouraging responses (this is meant to be a lighter post), and many that have really encouraged me.  A number of people have showed up in numerous ways to support the telling of my story.  Many of you know how painful it can be to talk about this experience.  Whether you have been here before or not, I am grateful to all of you who have come alongside me.  But I am particularly appreciative to one person tonight, and it’s the man who created this… 

This is me in words.

This is me in words.

He read the blog and then collaged words from the blog into the shape of a figure meant to represent me.  It is beautiful.  I will be getting it printed at Costco and framing it.  It is as if he has given me a new place to place my words that I would never have thought to create myself; and they can be there…and come out when I want to use them. 

You know who you are…and again…THANK YOU!  Your creativity is part of the image of God in you…and I like the reflection. 

Neither the words in this collage, nor the words you shared in your e-mail, have been lost in deaf ears…or in this case, blind eyes.


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