Posted by: Botolff | July 8, 2009

You Know You’re in Trouble When: Top 12 Clues I was Being Framed- Clue #8

As if the other clues I was getting weren’t enough, this one helped seal the deal.

8)  One night, after I saw all the elders cars parked at the church, I called one of the elders to check up on her, thinking that they had a special meeting for her since she was leaving the board that summer.  After I told her I saw all the elder’s cars at the church, I asked her how she was doing.  There was a long pause and then she said, “You know that I can’t discuss the details of the elder’s meetings.”  I told her I was just interested in how she was doing.  After another long pause, she said, “I just hope that you don’t carry too much anger with you into the future of what you do.” That’s when I realized they just had a meeting to figure out how to get rid of me.  I told her, “I have already begun preparing myself for what you are about to do to me.  You are going to make me the sacrificial lamb for this situation, and then everyone’s shame will be directed towards me.”  Before going to tears, she said, “(Botolff), you should talk to the people of the church.”  That’s when I told her “I’ve begged a lot of people in my life to care for me and I’m done begging.  If people are going to care for me they will have to choose to do so on their own.”  (You know you’re in trouble when an elder tells you that she hopes you won’t be angry that they are about to beat you, and also tells you to talk to the people to see if they will rescue you…because she isn’t going to risk that herself.)


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