Posted by: watchman | July 11, 2009

Stop Whining, Start Dancing

I appreciate the Emergent movement and the very important additions that they are making to Christian spirituality and theology. I don’t think they are right on everything, nor do they. However, my criticism does not diminish my appreciate for their input.

Among persecuted clergy, there is a long list of ministers that have lost their positions due to sympathizing with emergent. I was even warned once when I was busted reading Generous Orthodoxy by McLaren.

Unfortunately, emergent is long on complaints and short on content. As it is with any reformation, emergent has started as primarily a complaint against the establishment. In other words, they know what is wrong, but they are not so good at providing an alternative. Much of the excitement that marked emergent’s beginnings has become either a hipper version of mainline liberalism or a corporate bashing against evangelical conservatism. Both are whiny and reactionary and generally boring.

I have a suggestion – dance like a crazy person:

Dancing Man

Eugene Cho deserves props. Cho wonderfully points out the fact that a visionary doing his thing can be rather difficult to watch until others join him.

I like what Zach Roberts had to say about this video over at Baptimergent.

If followers of Jesus want to be the answer to Christ’s prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,” then they will need to start dancing out in the open for all to see.

Here’s what I want to see from Emergent: more dancing, less complaining. I believe that if emergent really has a handle on what we need to practice as believers, then doing it will attract others. Forget about the naysayers. DA Carson is never going to be a fan. The SBC will always say emergent is heresy. I would bet the Discernment bloggers get most of their readership from insecure emergents.

Forget them. Do your own thing and maybe the rest of us will get the courage to join you, even though you look kind of weird.



  1. Yeah,yeah….!! I want to be unstoppable… guess I am a follower…even this old lady would have been right in there dancin away …lol…wow did you notice each time a few joined in the next wave of ppl was even larger….
    It took ONE !! Someone not afraid of looking different…than another …to say hey, I want to be a prt of that …wow then an explosion of ppl. I wonder if the man that started it all had any hopes of making such a crowd or just being himself ppl were drawn to him and his “energy and joy in life”.
    I don’t know…I could be full of it and they all could have been high on stuff….

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