Posted by: Botolff | July 11, 2009

You Know You’re in Trouble When: Top 12-1 Clues I was Being Framed- Clue #11

I’ve decided to shorten the top 12 list down to the top 11.  Why?  Because I’ve decided the 12th one doesn’t feel like it fits here well enough.  Plus, frankly, I’m tired of the list.  I don’t like reliving the memories every time I write a new clue, and it’s taking up too much of my “heart space” (wink to Corey).  I believe it’s time to move on to other things. 

So, I’m bringing the list to an early close at 11.  But before I post the last one, I want to say that at least three new stories of wounded ministers have surfaced in the past week as a result of the blog.  If you are still struggling to believe that what has happened to us is true, maybe Jerry’s story will help you with your unbelief.  You can find a small snap shot of it in his comment under the “OUR book” page at the top of the blog.  Thinking about you Jerry!

Clue #12-1

11)   When the head elder called for my resignation, I reminded him that I wasn’t going to resign.  I was going to send a letter accepting the fact that they had already decided to terminate me.  He replied with, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  That wouldn’t be in your best interest.” Later I would also be threatened by the pastor to keep quiet as well.  (You know you’re in trouble when you are being threatened by senior leadership as they frame you.)

God help us all to address and mend the brokenness in our own lives, and in the life of the person next to us.



  1. I have 2 pennies to spend.

    I was not involved in any way in the process that you went through, Jamie. But, it seems to me that there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. even if you were a sweaty-toothed villain, there is still a proper, new testament way of handling these things. Threats and hush-hush methods do not seem like the best way to remove a family member.

    I hope you can truly move on and focus on quality relationships with people who value you and treat you according to the cherished ethics of our faith tradition. Give the limited space of your to those who will use it well.

    Don’t spend my 2 cents all in one place.

  2. Jamie, reading about these scenes turns my stomach just as much now as it did when all this was going down a year ago. Your courage to put these stories out to be read is remarkable. I hope those reading this will allow themselves to be dismayed rather than dismissive.
    May you continue speak with grace and in so doing woo all of our hearts to greater honesty and repentance.

  3. Andy,

    It’s words like yours throughout the last year that have helped support my courage to tell the story like it really happened. I appreciate all that you have been for me in this.

    With much gratitude,


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