Posted by: watchman | July 19, 2009

First Timothy 3: Untouchables

We’re looking at the First Timothy 3 character sketch for church leaders. You should read this as a primer, before getting into the details.

Now the overseer is to be above reproach
I Timothy 3:2 (TNIV)

above corruption

above corruption

The original word translated as “above reproach” was the Greek word anepilempton which literally means “not to be taken hold of” (Robertson). To paint a more accessible word picture, remember, for a moment, Simon of Cyrene. The Greek root word of “above reproach” means to “take hold of” or “grab.” In Luke 23:26 scripture says Roman soldiers laid hold of Simon and forced him to carry the cross of Christ. “Above reproach” means ungrabbable.

Remember the movie or TV show Untouchables? The film tells the story of Elliot Ness, who assembled a team of men he can trust. These men were beyond the corruption of Al Capone. Capone could not leverage them the way he did others. They were “untouchable.”

I think that is more like what Paul is getting at here. Paul is saying that Timothy needs to assemble a group of leaders that are untouchable. Sin and the things of this world cannot gain leverage on them.


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