Posted by: watchman | August 14, 2009

Rock Stars and Sheep

punk rock sheepThe great blogger Bill Kinnon posted this. You should really read it. He muses on the phenomena of rock star preachers and sheep pirating.

Here is a brief snippet, but you really ought to read the rest:

Far too many senior pastors are the untouchable rock stars of their church (and sometimes their denominations or networks). Which is an issue in and of itself. The Apostle Paul says, I must decrease and He must increase. The rock star pastor seeks the adulation of the masses gathered to hear his dulcet tones bring forth “the word of god” – and I am intentional in the use of the lower case “g”

The biggest point I gleaned from Bill Kinnon’s post was that the shepherd is still a sheep. When the pastor starts seeing his or her self as separate from the people, trouble is sure to come.

I recall griping about “the flock” to my mentor Tom. Basically, the congregation I was pastoring was not doing what I wanted them to, which, looking back, was very wise of them.
Why should they do what you tell them to?” Tom asked.
“Well, I’m the shepherd.”
Since when?” Tom asked. In response I quoted him Bible verses (so stupid).
You’re not the shepherd.” Tom responded, “You’re the big sheep that the Good Shepherd graciously allowed to be out front of the rest of the flock. Jesus is the shepherd; never forget that.”

I have forgotten that many times, and it always lead to something ugly.

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