Posted by: Botolff | October 11, 2009

What do I do with shame? “Bold Love”

A man I respect very much co-authored a book that helped me turn the corner on some (notice I said some) of my ignorance, as well as my self-perpetuated and other-perpetuated blindness.  I only hold about 10 or so books as truly life changing for me…”Bold Love” is one of them.  Dan Allender has consistently, through written and spoken word, invited me to see and name both the abuse and the love I have been and am surrounded by in the world.  In order to do that I have had to become much more brutally honest about my own brokenness and sin, while finding confidence in my compassionate and repentant heart.  He has spurred me on to do the same with other people.  Consequently, although I know people who are willing to pursue a deepening realization of both the good and evil in their hearts, I have repeatedly come to realize that few people care to holdBold Love that dichotomy for themselves; and some even take great pleasure in making sure that authentic compassion and repentance are decimated under foot.  So, what does it mean to love people right where they are at?  I believe that has something to do with how much we are willing to address shame.

“Bold Love” covers a number of topics not limited to forgiveness, hatred, hope, revenge and restoration.  Because it would take me years to delve into the depths of the text, I’m going to move past much of the book and focus some of our attention on the last three chapters…Loving an Evil Person, Loving a Fool, and Loving a Normal Sinner.  I think these categories are very interwoven with the concept of shame that I have been and will be talking about.  But I hesitate to jump to those particular bullet points without noting that the end of a project can never near completion without an awareness of the beginning.  So, please know that there is a lot of context that we are going to run past in this book.  It is this context created by the content in the beginning of the book that is vital for a more complete understanding of how the last three chapters play out.  So, my recommendation would be to consider buying the book.  Although you might not be entirely happy with what it reveals for and in you, as well as the people around you, I trust you wouldn’t regret it.

Hope there was goodness in your weekend, even if it wasn’t easy to find.


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