Posted by: Botolff | April 9, 2010

Pastor of Offending Church Comes Back to Try and put His Shame on Me Again

Hey all,

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve written.  The fullness of life driven by new growth and opportunities seems to have captured a lot of my attention.  But something happened a couple days ago that shifted my attention for just a moment, and I felt it was valuable to briefly mention.  For the second time now since the church I worked for forcefully terminated me, the pastor I worked with has tried to comment in this blog.  The most recent time was a couple days ago, almost two years since they threw me out.  He tried to post a comment under the original post “Evil Presents as Shameless.”  It’s interesting how much time he spent in such a short comment trying to put his shame on me again.  I won’t talk about what he said in the comment here because he hasn’t earned the right to speak in this arena.  All I will say for now is, “I will not hold your shame sir…not then, and not now.”

Be back again sometime,



  1. I tend to oppose louldy in wrtimng any absues I see, wittness.. Now as you all do know there are always good and bad churches too. Now why is it too often that I have observed that when the local politicians are obviously crooked en masse so are also the local churches.. is it due to the fact a crooked church has no influence on the others?

    I can also say without a doubt that if you want to receive better over the common just poor medical services in Canada you do now have to fight for it, you have to complain loudly about the poor services you got. Unfortunately complaining about the bad governmental or police services does not help for it seems they are permanently corrupt, inadequate.

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