Posted by: Botolff | December 23, 2010


“He made himself look like a good guy.  You bought it.  It happens…to the best of us.  Welcome to the club.” –  Senior SSA David Rossi (Criminal Minds)

If you’re gonna play wicked, you gotta be smart.  If you’re wicked smart, you’ve found a great way to masquerade as a good guy/gal.  Some people in religious institutions have mastered looking like the “good guy.”  We buy it all the time.  I did, and sometimes still do.  Seduction plays a big part in our “naive dismissal”.  I just wonder, when the signs are dribbled on the ground, or written plainly on the wall, why it is that so many just want to keep playing church, regardless of the consequences?

Roman poet Phaedrus wrote, “Things are not always what they seem.  The first appearance deceives many.  The intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”


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