Posted by: Botolff | January 25, 2012

Does anyone own a DSM IV? (Part 2)

So, I just found out that Part 2 of Matthew Paul Turner’s post about Andrew is already online.  I just read it and this was my comment…

“Oh My God! I just read part two and gasped…out loud! I must have missed it when I commented on part one. I’ve got cold sweats right now. What a wicked way to “lead”. The amount of control and manipulation that was exhibited in that letter is frightening. Andrew, speaking from experience, I am glad you are free. As hard as it will be in the days, weeks, months ahead for you to watch people sacrifice you for their own fantasy, I’m confident from the little I’ve read that you and God will be just fine together. Again, if you or others read this comment and want help, let me know. I am working with a number of counselors in the Seattle area who specialize in helping people recover from institutional religious abuse. Some of them do distance counseling over Skype if anyone outside the Seattle area needs help. You can find me at

Here is Part 2 of Matthew’s posts…



  1. Kurt Willems has a great breakdown of this topic and the scriptural references here –

    Check it out. If you’re too lazy, the key is found in this paragraph:

    ‘There is nothing restorative about this distorted process. Many called this scenario a form of “spiritual abuse,” and I agree. An obvious reason is this letter. Calling people to essentially end their relationship with Andrew is flat out controlling. The leadership of this church bases their retributive action on Matthew 18, but I think they are misreading and failing to properly apply Jesus’ words.’

  2. Hey, who you callin’ Lazy?

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