Posted by: watchman | July 8, 2009

First Timothy 2: Men of Prayer

Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.

One of Timothy’s toughest mandates was to keep his people focused on God and not on the competitive nonsense that churches so easily slip into. To communicate this, he addresses first men and then women in different ways.

First of all, he desires that the men of the church would pray and worship “without anger or disputing.” The next time you are going to take communion or bring praises to God, think about the conflict in your congregation. Are the hands you lift holy hands? There have been times when I would have to choose between mending a broken relationship or worshipping God.

I think Paul picks on the male gender here because he knew a bit about men. We can be like prancing turkeys. We get our feathers all messed up when another male is around. Everything is competition as we try to figure out who is alpha male.

Many people have been terribly wounded by the vehement struggle for status in churches. I heard of one pastor who asked the church board to fire the youth minister. Reason? “Well, either he goes or I go.” Classy.

Guys, take that crap outside and leave it out there. This is the Jesus Way, not the animal way.

Ladies are not exempt, Paul speaks to them next.


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